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Guest Post: Finding Support in Depression by Fran Hutchinson

Mar 29, 2023

Have you ever had black days? Days when you wanted to see nobody and do nothing, even the things you like best? If this happens once in a while, you could call it sadness. But if it lasts for more than three or four days it is known as depression. Depression is not a weakness, but a medical malfunction that takes away your control, and there are two major types. One is triggered by specific events like a death in the family, loss of a job, an injury that affects your ability to function as you typically would. read more

Self Compassion – The Key in Life Balance

Mar 22, 2023

I hear from so many people who feel so depleted and don't have time to replenish themselves: too much to do and other priorities. I am not suggesting you take two weeks off and go to the Bahamas. (Though I admit that sounds amazing, it's not always feasible.) It is the smallest of things that you can do for yourself that can make the most significant impact. read more

Blanket or Sword?

Mar 15, 2023

You make your way to the reception desk and a friendly innkeeper says, "Welcome Traveler. Do you require a blanket or a sword?" read more

This Too Shall Pass

Mar 08, 2023

I would imagine most of us have heard the adage “This too shall pass.”  Because the phrase is so familiar, so mundane and ordinary, we tend overlook the power of its eternal truth.   The phrase reminds us of the impermanence of all things and the idea that nothing lasts forever, neither the good nor the bad things.  read more