Life Lessons in Everyday Moments

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I’m a big fan of finding life lessons – teachable moments, if you will – in ordinary settings. A simple flower teaches us so much about nature – how rain and sun must both be present in order for growth to take place. Watching a dog laze about in a sun-puddle reminds us that there is no artifice with animals, that they embody unconditional love and are easily pleased with a spot of sun and a stick to chew on.

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This Too Shall Pass

I would imagine most of us have heard the adage “This too shall pass.”  Because the phrase is so familiar, so mundane and ordinary, we tend overlook the power of its eternal truth.   The phrase reminds us of the impermanence of all things and the idea that nothing lasts forever, neither the good nor the bad things. 

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Calming Your Inner Critic

I ask you to pause and think about this statement: The weight of responsibility that we place on ourselves and the forgiveness we don’t give. We all fumble at times in our lives. We’ve had words that flew out of our mouths under duress because we’ve exhausted ourselves. We’ve experienced anger, impatience, fear – all big emotions that can overwhelm our sanity – it happens to all of us. Those words/thoughts can be directed toward others as well as us.

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