Inner Journey BreathWork

Brought to you by Anthony Metten

Anthony Metton is a speaker, coach, trainer, and host of our Online Care Circles. We invite you to join Anthony in this opportunity to experience new dimensions of healing and self-exploration through Inner Journey Breathwork.

Inner Journey Breathwork is a breathing technique that begins slowly flowing energy through your body and unwinds chronically held tension in the body and nervous system while catalyzing expanded states of consciousness.    

Starting and ending with a group discussion, participants are guided through a 45 – 60 minute breathing session using an open mouth technique while listening to chakra-tuned music that begins to slowly flow energy through their body.

Many participants notice, among other things, a greatly improved emotional state and a decrease in levels of stress as a result of doing this process.  

Breathwork can:
  • Alleviate anxiety and depression, and reduce stress, worry, and mental rumination
  • Support emotional release
  • Support nervous system regulation and the resilience to meet the experiences of life
  • Support the resolution and integration of traumatic energy and fear
  • Balance energy and enhance vitality
  • Promote mental clarity
  • Expand awareness and open new pathways of seeing and understanding
  • Connect you to the deepest dimensions of yourself

Breathwork is proven to dampen the “default mode network” of the brain, which can lead to a reduction in mental noise and rumination. Often people experience this as a timelessness and transcendence of the ego-mind. In this state, insight, memory, or visions may arise. This can also be a time to have inspirations about new projects and creative endeavors. There is often an experience of drifting into a state of liminality, like the space between wakefulness and sleep, and perhaps even an experience of deep stillness and peace.

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Coming up:

Inner Journey BreathWork meets in person at our Care Partner Curves of Los Altos (2069 Grant Rd Los Altos, CA 94024).



Participants will be laying down on a provided padded matt during the 45 to 60 minutes of breathing.

Knee bolsters and disposable eye masks are provided for comfort.

What to bring:

A blanket (no pillow), and personal eye mask if you prefer that to the provided disposable eye mask.