Who is a Caregiver?

Family Caregivers are people living with, or far from, a loved one or friend that are in need of full or part time care. 

Professional Caregivers are people that have chosen a career in providing care for those in need. As an example, this can be from a wide array of fields from Nurses, Physicians, Social Workers, Home Health Care Aids, or Therapists.

Are There Subscription Fees
To Join Breathing Spaces?

Our basic services for Caregivers are free and supported through our Care Partners.

Companies can subscribe to extended services to support their employees who are on their own caregiving journeys. Program fees are discussed on a one to one basis.

Can You Help Me Organize A Walk In My Area?

We’d love to! Our Care Partners support many of the opportunities that we provide, so simply email your request to Inquiry@breathingspacesfc.com and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Can I Become A Guest Blogger?

Absolutely! Just email us at Inquiry@breathingspacesfc.com. Include your name, company information/website and/or suggestions for content that you’d like to use. We’ll be back in touch with you shortly!

How Do I Become A Breathing Spaces Care Partner?

Workers across all generations are facing the issue of caring for loved ones in society’s new ‘normal.’ It’s not just the patient who needs help when families are faced with making decisions about next steps for their loved ones.

Being a Breathing Spaces Care Partner makes a statement to new and potential clients and their families about who you are and what distinguishes you from all the others. It not only says that you recognize the benefit of going beyond the patient, it says “we can care for your loved one ~ and can help you, too.”

Your outreach potential increases substantially through a web of other services and facilities connected in one place.

Join us in becoming part of the solution in supporting Caregivers. A variety of programs and options are available.

To learn more, contact Cyndi at Cyndi@BreathingSpacesFC.com .