About Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki

Brought to you by Amanda Surratt

Amanda is a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, and Mental Fitness Coach.  She offers transformational coaching and energy work to help her clients transcend life’s trials and experience greater joy, peace, and ease.  Amanda’s unique approach blends the pragmatism of evidence-based, scientifically informed methodologies with the intuition and empathy of an energy worker and healer.  

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique that involves the transfer of universal life force energy to promote relaxation, balance, and overall well-being. Every living cell in our body pulses with energy, and that energy – when properly balanced and flowing freely – is what makes us alive and vibrant. Energy treatments work to restore a healthy balance (and open flow) in the body’s energy pathways and to remove any negative energies that are placing a burden on our wellbeing.

Intro to Reiki with Amanda Surratt

Potential Benefits of Reiki:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Joy and renewed hope
  • Energy renewal
  • Accelerated healing
  • Chakra alignment
  • Deepened spiritual connection
  • And much, much more!

What is Distance Reiki?

Because Reiki is a healing universal life force energy, it is not bound by physical limitations: it can be channeled and directed across both space and time.  Distance Reiki works because even though we may be thousands of miles apart, energetically it is as though you are physically present with me.  Some of the best results my clients have experienced have been from remote sessions!

Distance Reiki… Explained

What Happens During a Distance Reiki Session?

During your session, I work over my massage table as if you were laying on it in the room with me. Working with your energy body, I will open any blockages, remove any negative energies, and enhance and protect all positive energies. You may hear the sound of my singing bowl or bells as I clear your aura; or, you may hear the sound of my hands swiping energy away. I will verbally guide you through the session, letting you know where I am working on your body. I may give you breath cues or ask you questions about the energy that I find along the way. Each session is uniquely catered to your needs at that time. No two sessions are identical, even for the same client.

For more information on Distance Reiki, please contact amanda@breathingspacesfc.com.

Ready to experience the healing energy of Reiki??

Please contact Amanda by email at amanda@breathingspacesfc.com

Pricing: $150/hour

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