Navigating Change

ART - Change

Change competes with our desire for predictability, and at the same time calls us to adventure, possibility, and surprise.

Affirmations for Change

Your feelings come up for a reason, so burying them may seem like what you need to do (“I’ll deal with it later.” Sound familiar?), but by doing so, you are creating a path for eruption later. Give yourself time. Allow yourself the downtime to reflect on what you are feeling and what is happening in your life. Pick up that journal and let yourself uncover what may be going on inside of you. Doing so may unearth something that has been needing light, and by addressing it, a solution may be possible. LISTEN to what your heart says – it knows a lot.

Pause Before Reacting

Regardless of whether it’s with a spouse, friend or loved one that you are caring for it is essential to be conscious of reactions, words and the thoughts behind all if it. 

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