Guest Post: That’s Why I’m Here by Fran Hutchinson

What makes accepting help easier is to have it defined as help. “I can help you with that” is a world away from “let me do that,” and the first step here is listening. Asking if it’s awkward to get in and out of the shower, difficult to wash your back (a task that everybody has a hard time with!), put on your socks –  to a client this sounds so different than saying “I’ll do that for you.”

Small Choices Are a Big Help

When you’re overwhelmed with grief, decisions – even seemingly mindless ones – are hard. As remote caregivers or people caring for other caregivers, sometimes the best thing we can do when trying to help – whether it’s because of a loss, or just everyday overwhelm – is offer specific small choices.

Self Compassion – The Key in Life Balance

I hear from so many people who feel so depleted and don’t have time to replenish themselves: too much to do and other priorities. I am not suggesting you take two weeks off and go to the Bahamas. (Though I admit that sounds amazing, it’s not always feasible.) It is the smallest of things that you can do for yourself that can make the most significant impact.

New Beginnings

Mom (scaled)

We have expanded our resources for family caregivers and are in the process of creating additional programs to support a larger community of caregivers as well. More about that coming soon, but for now, I hope you join me in my excitement for our new website!  

We have amazing new team members and additional Care Partners for you to meet. As we continue to add to our community support our offerings will also continue to expand, bringing more services to help sustain all caregivers on their journeys.    

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