Going Fishing: Life Lessons from the Pier

As I enter my mid-fifties, those memories are more and more precious to me, but equally important are the life lessons I experienced during those early mornings at the fishing pier - lessons that apply both to fishing and to everyday living, and caregiving. read more

Telling Stories

We Are All Made of Stories

Some of the best stories I've heard came from my grandparents. Sometimes these were made-up tales - bits of fiction to entertain small children - but other times they were gifts of memories, personal or family histories, things that make us who we are. read more

Sing a Song

Singing Birds

My grandmother's lullabies (is it still a lullaby if it's morning, though?) to her flowers were more than just idle sounds. Rather, they were an expression of her caring. Remembering her singing made me think about how music in general, and singing specifically, is an essential part of caregiving for humans, as well as houseplants. read more

Honoring the Special Women in Our Lives

Cyndi's Rose

Our relationship with our mothers may shift over time, but the love remains the same. Some of you may be caring for your mother now, as she once cared for you. Others like myself have lost our mom, and this day can be difficult. What can you do for such a special woman, guide, and warrior? read more

Writing Letters


Letter-writing is often considered a lost art, but it shouldn't be. Texting is great for immediate information or a quick thought. Email is fantastic for exchanging timely thoughts. Letters, handwritten or typed, sealed into envelopes, and sent by mail are textual portraits, freeze-frames of specific moments in time that capture thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams and put them all down on paper. read more

Happiness in the Details

Happiness Walk

What if I challenged you to try something new today? Disrupt the cycle. Pay extra attention to the tiny details: the flowers popping up seemingly out of nowhere, a smile on a child's face, the older man giving his wife a smooch. Noticing those simple moments can slow your racing heart and mind by creating a positive shift. read more

The Great Wall of Fear

Great Wall of Fear

Though often unrecognized, fear stands in our way like a brick wall. It blocks us from conversations and leads us to assume the worst possible outcome. Which fear is it? There are several: Fear of the unknown? Yes. Fear of becoming the same man himself later in life? Very likely. Fear of his father dying and then turning back later wishing he had done something differently? Absolutely. read more

Introducing New Breathing Spaces Team Members

New Team Members

When we launched our new website in July, 2021, we told you that a new team was on its way to you. Well, the time has finally come, and the synchronicity of all of this is making my heart sing!  Our new team members are here, and we are over-the-moon excited about the caliber of the people joining us as well as their credentials and expertise in their fields. read more

Care Circles

Care Circles

When I was a caregiver for years for my mom and brother, I realized I was in uncharted territory, but the moment I connected with other caregivers, my life shifted. Whether it was hearing about emotional issues or discussing navigating healthcare, the connection piece became a powerful lifesaver. That experience is the core of why I started Breathing Spaces years ago. I wanted to offer a connection for others from a place of understanding, and the knowledge that voices must be heard, and stories must be told. read more

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