Unseen Sacrifices and the Importance of Acknowledging Our Feelings

It doesn’t matter whether you are a caregiver by choice, by default, or by profession; my guess is that all of you – most of you – have hit that point. It’s a point you were sure you’d never get to because you were finding ways to balance your life, or so you thought. Meanwhile, underneath was a ‘live’ gopher hole undermining your existence. You felt yourself crumbling under the right circumstances or among the group of people you could usually talk to. Yet you somehow managed to mask the real emotions that were happening.


Hope is what happens when we assess what we can do with a situation. Is there something I can do to make a change? Hope doesn’t deny that a situation is happening, it asks the question: “Is there something I can do to make a change?”  Hope is assessing the future and influencing it.  

The Power of Prayer

Studies have found the benefits of prayer include a sense of calmness, encouragement, support, reflection, a broader perspective, hope, comfort, knowing oneself, and possibilities.   Current research suggests that it has a positive effect on our immune system functioning as well.

Resetting Your Energy and Instilling Calm

Art - Resetting your energy

Sigh. Pause. Breathe. Some days, you may feel like you’re holding on to the last moment of peace when one more thing jolts you—time for a meltdown. Sometimes you can see it coming; other times things show up like a brick wall and take you off-center. You cannot always control what happens – they are part of life. As much as we all like endless days of calm with everything falling into place, life can have other ideas.

This Too Shall Pass

I would imagine most of us have heard the adage “This too shall pass.”  Because the phrase is so familiar, so mundane and ordinary, we tend overlook the power of its eternal truth.   The phrase reminds us of the impermanence of all things and the idea that nothing lasts forever, neither the good nor the bad things. 

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