The Fear Holding You Back


I think about the times I may have hesitated asking questions during those conversations – have you experienced that, too? The thing is, difficult conversations often become more difficult when you muddle around with questions or thoughts. It is important to be clear, honest, and direct, with a swag of politeness

The Great Wall of Fear

Great Wall of Fear

Though often unrecognized, fear stands in our way like a brick wall. It blocks us from conversations and leads us to assume the worst possible outcome. Which fear is it? There are several: Fear of the unknown? Yes. Fear of becoming the same man himself later in life? Very likely. Fear of his father dying and then turning back later wishing he had done something differently? Absolutely.

Steps to Rearrange Your Emotions

Three big emotions can take center stage in all of our lives before we even realize it; guilt, fear, and shame. They are all crippling emotions, and I’d be willing to guess that at the end of our lives, ones that we wish we had let go of, sooner. 

Pause Before Reacting

Regardless of whether it’s with a spouse, friend or loved one that you are caring for it is essential to be conscious of reactions, words and the thoughts behind all if it. 

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