The Joys of Journaling


I know journaling is not for everyone.  I also know finding time to journal as a caregiver can be daunting.  That being said, I am still going to point out the joys of journaling. read more

Journaling and Self-Exploration


I think of journaling like a trusted friend - one you can let your 'hair' down and write what is bubbling up. No judgment. I also love to use it for gratitude - a wonderful place to focus on the end of your day on what went RIGHT vs. focusing on what may have gone wrong—a lovely way to go to sleep at night.  read more

Repost: State of Grace

State of Grace

I started a practice back then that I continue today; I keep a gratitude journal and every day I write down at least five things that I am grateful for first thing in the morning. It helps set the tone for my day to walk in with grace rather than…oh gosh, today I’ve got to…….”.  read more

Reflections on Fall: Changes and Letting Go

Van Gogh02

Fall brings on a sense of change and is a time of year that I look forward to. I am in awe of the colors changing, and the temperatures getting cooler gives me a nudge to turn inwards. A time of reflection and the ability to clear out what is no longer serving me. read more

Assuming is Your Worst Nightmare

The call just came in from a dear friend. “Cyndi, Mom has just been rushed to the hospital.” News that breaks my heart as I know it’s the next chapter of a journey for her and her family filled with many ups and downs. Her Mom had was previously diagnosed with dementia, but unfortunately, things have taken a quick turn for the worse.  read more

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