Echoes of Time: Embracing and Honoring our Past

ART - Echoes of Memories

Like me, I am sure many of you have similar memories that stay with you forever. What you do with those memories is of utmost importance. One of our colleagues at Breathing Spaces, Cindy Gum, has been a tremendous woman to converse with. Cindy’s way of guiding participants through writing and self-reflection creates an opening for better self–care and compassionate conversations with yourself. These opportunities are open to anyone – not just caregivers- as we all care for ourselves.

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Sing a Song

Singing Birds

My grandmother’s lullabies (is it still a lullaby if it’s morning, though?) to her flowers were more than just idle sounds. Rather, they were an expression of her caring. Remembering her singing made me think about how music in general, and singing specifically, is an essential part of caregiving for humans, as well as houseplants.

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Stormy Weather


At six, eight, ten, thirteen, I was not afraid of storms, and even loved the electric crackle of lightning, and the distant (and not-so-distant) booming of thunder, which I imagined as a conversation among mythic figures, like the Greek gods and goddesses I read about in stories. As recently as 2019, I got excited when a storm bore my name, though of course I feel horrible about the damage caused by Hurricane Melissa, especially in the Carolinas.

It wasn’t until recently, as I was watching my mother react to a severe storm warning notification, that I recognized that my grandmother hadn’t been so much trying to keep my (non-existent) storm fears at bay as allaying her own.

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