Navigating Change

ART - Change

Change competes with our desire for predictability, and at the same time calls us to adventure, possibility, and surprise.

A Sense of Awe for Renewing Life Balance

This small but significant shift in my routine was the most delightful way to begin my day, and that feeling stayed with me. It stayed with me as I continued to bring it back to my focus. The power of the pause, the importance of honoring yourself amid whatever else may be going on in your life, is worth so much. Granted, we cannot always take the time as I did this morning, but at some point in our days, finding that time is important, and keeping that energy with you – vital.


Hope is what happens when we assess what we can do with a situation. Is there something I can do to make a change? Hope doesn’t deny that a situation is happening, it asks the question: “Is there something I can do to make a change?”  Hope is assessing the future and influencing it.  

Going Fishing: Life Lessons from the Pier

As I enter my mid-fifties, those memories are more and more precious to me, but equally important are the life lessons I experienced during those early mornings at the fishing pier – lessons that apply both to fishing and to everyday living, and caregiving.

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