Planning for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

As a caregiver, you play an essential role in supporting your loved one. You are assisting someone in need, whether near or far. You may have found yourself in this position without notice and become keenly aware of how planning can make a substantial difference. But planning for yourself and your loved ones is more than just a way to make life easier in the moment. It's a vital part of caring for yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally both now and in the future. read more

Racing Minds = Chaotic Outcomes

Racing Minds - Photo by Cyndi Mariner

We can't close our eyes or ears to what is happening in the world around us, but changing our reactions is possible. What you give yourself is a crucial ingredient in creating change and making a positive impact both in your life and the world at large. read more

Cultivating Wellness Within

Cultivating Wellness Within

Cultivating wellness, like tending to the soil in a garden, takes intuition and attention. It needs to be done regularly for success and is a different way of thinking than merely practicing self-care. It's genuinely going within to seek out what you need, what makes your heart smile. Think about it. Practice it. read more

Merry-Go-Round Mind

Merry Go Round Mind

When do you run your mind tapes during the day? Just before sleep or first thing in the morning? We all do it. The balance happens when we don't let it cycle over and over and over and... over. read more

Cause and Effect

As we engage in various situations in our home and work lives, there may be situations that occur that bring a sense of heaviness. Though our days as adults may not be filled with such simple moments, I wonder if we might be able to map out time to have similar ones? Whether it is the list of things that need to be done or the emotions that are circling us, clearing a path is important for our own energy and that of those we encounter. read more

Make Lists to Help Find Clarity

Find Clarity

These lists can be anything from doing laundry to composing a financial plan for yourself and will elevate the mind chatter and help alleviate missing things. I know some people who create a list with hours/times added to it. Personally, that's a bit restrictive because there are times during my day that I know I need to get a shopping list together and balance my financial record, but my energy level may be drained that day. So, for me, having a general to-do list within a week highlighting deadlines is a more effective solution. read more

Putting Up With the Rain

There is no denying this has been a trying time, but we should not allow ourselves to become pessimistic for the future. We should instead focus on the positives that have also come out of it. read more

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